Status Sms

SMS Interface Plus

The last thing an end user wants to do is to check his ETFE structure by e.g. regularly viewing the status of the eluft air machine, being the heart of the whole system.

The solution is a remote, preventative maintenance done by the system provider or maintenance company.

For this data about the system is required on a regular basis. As the system locations might be far away or difficult-to-reach, e.g. on the roof top, elnic offered the possibility for remote access via the internet.

Unfortunately, only a very limited number of end customers are able or willing to connect the eluft machines to their network or provide a router.

The only other eluft device, which is able to send data to specified receivers is the SMS relay, however, up to now no reporting function was available.

As the SMS technology needs no specific infrastructure, just a simple SIM card, elnic concentrated on expanding the SMS alert interface.

Error Sms

Meanwhile elnic has developed and tested add-on software that allows the eluft controller to send all relevant data on demand.

Just send an SMS requesting a certain set of data to the phone number of the eluft and in return you will receive the current system data.


Simple as that!

SMS Interface Plus