elnic provides expert support from the development to the manufacturing concept, through the design, construction and testing of prototypes, to the planning and implementation of complex production lines.

The controls and the development of elnic are used in the most diverse industrial sectors, such as automotive, electrical, wood, conveying or construction industry.

elnic can competently support you in matters of product development from brainstorming through design and construction of prototypes up to series production.

In the construction of facilities for the processing, assembly and handling of parts made of plastic or aluminum, elnic can boast extensive experience.


Electronics & Mechanical Engineering

The quality criteria of the products become increasingly higher. For this purpose test facilities are necessary, which are, on the one hand integrated into production lines or on the other hand designed as separate work places.

It is the combination of our expertise in electronics and engineering that lets us find a customer-oriented solution for almost all tasks.

For the settlement of larger engineering contracts, we often work with partners. It is this open and productive relationship with many other, often very specialized machine builders, that makes elnic so successful as a general contractor.

The common experience of elnic and its engineering partners, in conjunction with elnic’s core competencies in automation and control systems makes us the appropriate contact for your needs and unique requirements.