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eklima - purifiying HVAC

The newly developed and patented "5-phase clean air technology" from elnic called eklima supplies air free from bacteria, fine dust and other microorganisms. With its innovative technology, the eklima not only delivers clean air, but can also cool or heat.

Do you really want to offer your patients and customers clean and pure air? Then you should not use conventional air conditioning systems, because these are usually unsanitary and a suitable breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms.

Nowadays, many customers and patients, whether in hotels or in hospitals, require excellent conditions to enjoy and finish their stay without worries. This requirement causes major challenges to many providers of such facilities or architects when developping a building. Most standard devices for air cooling contain only a very coarse standard filter, which means that the air is cleaned only minimally. With the innovative technology of the eklima, however, bacteria and all other types of microorganisms, as well as dust and fine dust, are filtered out of the air. So your guests and patients can enjoy their stay carefree and have no reason to complain.

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Advantages of the eklima

• Air, free of any bacteria or viruses

• Air, free of fine dust
• Air that is continuously filtered
• Air in all desired temperatures
• ... and almost noiseless

Easy 3 step cleaning

Another advantage of the new eklima is the extremely simple cleaning and maintenance. Thanks to the simple modular structure and the exchange mechanism, everyone can clean the eklima professionally, which is why no trained personnel is required. Once learned, a module can be replaced within a few minutes, which saves time and money!

1. Pull the module to be cleaned vertically out of the air conditioning system

2. Replace the filter with a new one or clean the module with conventional cleaning agents

3. Simply reinsert the module vertically until you hear a click

5 phase clean air technique

The completely newly developed and patented "5-phase clean air technology" supplies air that is 99.9% free of bacteria, viruses, mold, etc. (nanoparticles) It serves as air conditioning and heating as well as for air purification. The eklima was developed as a false ceiling air conditioning system and can be operated in closed rooms up to 60 m².

Only the eklima has its own computer that intelligently controls the temperature, fan speed and drying depending on the environment to avoid germs!

The HVAC is supplied by water.

5 Phases Technology Eklima Elnic

Quality! Guaranteed, certified, promised!

The eklima does what it promises! And you don't have to rely on our word ...

• Quality made in Germany
Hygiene certification according to VDI 6022 by the German Association for Air and Water Hygiene e.V.
• Built according to the guidelines of the Association of German Engineers
• On request: Filters that exceed the applicable German hygiene guidelines in hospital rooms (e.g. F9 or H13 filters --> COVID-19)

eklima air conditioners made in Germany