ewatcher (ewächter)

Efficient network controls and leakage detection for local and district heating systems.

The city of Rosenheim has been operating an extensive district heating system successfully for more than 50 years.

This allowed to collect an extensive knowledge on leakage monitoring and leakage detection.

Based on this success story, the public utility company of Rosenheim, in cooperation with elnic, can now offer this service as part of the quality assurance for other networks too. elnic designed and built the new leakage detection device. Of course, this also applies to small systems, small stretches or hot water routes of biogas plants.


  • Monitoring of the district heating network
  • Fault message via SMS and/or cable systems
  • Limit values can be configured freely
  • Quick identification of energy losses
  • Minimization of previously undiscovered defects under warranty
  • Continuous storage of measured values
  • Remote access to each “ewatcher” possible
  • Graphical Windows-based software
  • Cost savings by detecting damage within the warranty period
  • Increase of network efficiency by minimizing heat and water loss
  • Quality assurance independent of system manufacturer
  • Remote maintenance and remote shutdown, e.g. during maintenance works

Analysis and evaluation

The evaluation of the data collected by the ewatcher can be done by an in-house control station or an analysis tool, which is part of the new ewatcher.

You can of course purchase just the device and use your own evaluation software, or let elnic look after your networks.


Download the product brochure to leakage monitoring and detection for local and district heating systems.