An overview of our Accessories for Special Equipment

Fine dust filter

  • to filter the cooling air of diesel generating sets, air conditioners and self-sufficient power supply systems
  • for use in dust-intensive environments, e.g. when driving in convoy.


Alternating current/direct current distributor


Cable drum

Made of painted steel tube with clamping belts, ready varnished with shaft and direction cone for clutch for 2 High Frequency cables


Additional fan 24V DC or 230V AC

With 2-stage fan and rocker switch.

coarse dirt filter

coarse dirt filter


honeycomb filter

inside part

inside part

Rack cooling / heating modules

A tap fixed in the coolant cycle at the injection to the evaporator of the recirculating air module, makes it possible to use separate rack cooling re-circulating air units.

These split units are also fitted with

  • electronically regulated injection valves.
  • separate set temperature in racks
  • cooling / heating performance regulated
  • according to actual dissipation heat in the rack

Optical fibre connector HEBXL (Hermaphroditic Expanded Beam Extra Large) Flange Mount Bulkhead

For this data link a power cord, which conducts the copper line of 5 x 2.5 mm² and, on the inside, the mechanically protected optical fibres, was developed.


Emergency skates for containers with ISO corners

These fixed skates make it possible to move containers and cabins, with ISO corners, of up to 12 Tons (3T per set of skates). The skates are fixed to the ISO corners so they cannot slip out of place when pulled/pushed, especially when the containers have to be moved over uneven surfaces.


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