Power supply

In order to provide mobile workplaces with electrical energy, more than just a cable is necessary.

For all elnic power supply modules the protection of personnel and equipment is a top priority in both their design and manufacturing.

Lightning and over-voltage protection as well as EMC and data security are absolutely guaranteed with our devices.

DC Power infeed module

The DC Power Infeed Module is destined to supply power on-board voltage (24V DC/50A) into shielded cabins. The dimensions and anchor points are adapted to the standard cut-out.

In order to maintain the necessary attenuation of shielding, the DC power infeed module is implemented with a flat, conductive gasket between the shielded cabin and the DC infeed module through the included EMC seal. As a protection against compromising and in order to maintain the attenuation of shielding all paths are provided with passive filters.

This ensures an integrated personnel and equipment protection against over-voltage in the cabin which may be caused by indirect lightning strikes or NEMP.


Interstage transformer

Interstage transformer for indirect connection of the supply mains and on-board network system with and without EMC filter. Test voltage according to lightning safety 10 kV actual. By using special inside-vented toridal transformers and filters, it was possible to develop a modular post model with a base of 250 x 250 mm.


Mains infeed case

Infeed cases with over-voltage protection against direct stroke 100 kA and NEMP protection.

elnic also offers a mains infeed case with arrester control.

And a smaller version of the protection unit against lightning with integrated interstage transformer, the so-called mains infeed case mini.


Safety isolating transformer

We offer two different safety isolating transformers as standard equipment for safe separation for the use in mobile / transportable work places: