Special equipment

Special equipment includes a wide variety of specialty products for applications in the field of rescue and defence forces.

The variety of manufactured mast control systems by elnic is probably best known.

    These are controlled, for example, via CAN bus, RS232 or Profibus:

    • Functions for raising and lowering of masts
    • Movement of antenna systems
    • Aligning camera systems
    • Telescoping masts of 30m
    • Positioning

    Module testing equipment

    Equipment to test infeed modules of communication systems

    The portable test equipment is intended to test signal filtering modules, as are currently integrated in the mobile communication cabins AUTOKO and BIGSTAFF.

    The signal filtering modules have to reduce performance-related disturbances (NEMP, LEMP, interfering frequencies) on data and communication lines, which are conducted from outside into the cabin, to a permissible size. Therefore, they are an important protection against dangerous excess voltage to the operating personnel and the operating equipment.

    With the help of the testing equipment, the functioning and intactness of the filtering modules and their over-voltage protection elements can be checked according to schedule and/or after a possible exposure (e.g. after a thunder storm). Damaged filtering modules can be quickly sent to the maintenance department for repair.


    Signal filtering module

    Freely definable configuration.

    These modules are designed to filter digital and analogue data and signal lines into shielded rooms and cabins.

    For maximum flexibility, the modules can be delivered from 8 up to 50 lines per module.

    Due to high insertion loss and screen absorption they can be used for EMC and TEMPEST demands.


    Mast control systems

    elnic designs, develops and manufactures innovative custom-made mast control systems, which enable antenna systems or even camera systems to be extended, erected and positioned from inside a vehicle (lorry, van, tank, etc.).