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Retractable roof for hotel courtyard, Berlin

elnic builds a retractable roof for the courtyard of Hotel Ellington in Berlin

Retractable roof for the large courtyard of Hotel Ellington in Berlin

For the inner courtyard of the hotel Ellington in Berlin a retractable roof was developed. The membrane roof opens in the middle. Now the hotel can also organize events when it rains slightly or the sun shines too powerful. 

The two moveable membrane roofs are located in the inner courtyard of the Hotel Ellington in Berlin. It can be used as a sun and weather protection. Both roof halves sit on a common horizontal steel frame (15m width x 22.4m length) as a substructure, which is mounted on six steel supports (approx. 7m).

The light-permeable membrane of each roof half (each approx. 15m width x 11m length) can be steplessly controlled via a control panel.

To protect the membrane in parking position an overhead glazing is installed on both ends of the steel substructure.

Each membrane has a rain drain so that the water is directed from the membrane towards the rain gutter.


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