Pneumatically pre-tensioned pillow constructions made of foil and tissue membranes have shown, for more than 25 years now, a steadily increased use in the global construction industry.

Due to their architectural design options and the structural properties such as low weight and high light transmission, their use for the planning and execution of current (inter)national projects of airports, swimming pools, train stations, stadiums and other buildings is omnipresent. In order to achieve the required static properties pillow designs made of foil (ETFE) and tissue membranes (PVC, Tenara, etc.) need a permanent supply of mechanically generated air support.


In addition to changes in ambient air pressure and air pressure changes inside the cushion due to warming up, one also needs to consider the varying local wind or snow loads that act onto the cushion construction. They require an adjustment of the supporting air to the preset values. To ensure the situational, necessary cushion pressure at all times, the air input is continuously adjusted by the air supply systems, taking into account the air pressure values inside and outside the pillows as well as the evaluation of sensors for temperature, snow and partly alsowind.

Generally drying the ambient air, which is drawn in by the air machine, is necessary to prevent condensation in the pillows. Any condensate can lead to visual defects and algae growth in the pillows and significantly reduces the longevity of possible shading imprints inside the pillow.

We provide expert assistance in the planning of the whole system.


Our services for you

  • Dimensioning the fan power
  • Dimensioning the pipeline system
  • Dimensioning the performance of the dehumidifier
  • Configuration of the controls
  • Selection of sensors
  • Mechanical construction

In our in-house locksmith and electrical workshop the housing for the blower, dehumidifier unit and the corresponding control cabinets are manufactured according to your spatial requirements.

As an additional service we offer to install the electrical wiring, the air supply and mechanics on site and on-site commissioning.

In addition, elnic has developed the eluft eco, a new system with integrated re-circulating air drying.

Amongst other advantages, does this system offer energy savings of up to 70% of the electrical operating costs! If you have any further questions regarding the “re-circulating air supply system for foil cushion roof structures”, give us a call!

Further information on eluft machines: