Project ACES

The Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space (short : ACES) is one of the external experimental labs

which are mounted to the Columbus space lab, the science lab of the ESA for the international space station (ISS). ACES is used to test a new generation of atomic clocks under the conditions of microgravity.

It enables to get a more accurate global time determination (e.g. for GNSS, in particular Galileo) and to evaluate the theory of relativity. For experiments with ACES a number of ground stations are planned, which themselves operate reference clocks of different designs. (Source: de.wikipedia.org) For these ground stations, a.o. in Brazil, Australia and China, elnic built and successfully implemented these customized systems .


The air conditioning system

Main requirements and key technical challenges

  • Thermal stability and adjustable temperature range
  • Insulated air hoses to and from the Radom
  • Maximum temperature difference between inlet and outlet must be ≤ 6K
  • Inspection of the relative humidity of 60% ± 10%
  • Wind speeds of up to 220km/h
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Efficiency at full load more than 92%
  • Configurable output voltage between 220 and 230V
  • Frequency range of the input voltage between 50Hz and 60Hz