Project THW (Technical Relief Organisation)

elnic equipped a container with electricity and air conditioning for the German Technical Relief Organisation THW.

In addition, interface modules were designed and installed to protect e.g. equipment in the container against lightning strikes.

The power supply and air-conditioning module is a combined power supply, intended for installation in or on cabins or vehicles.

It has these essential tasks

  • Supply the electrical consumers of the working space inside the container with electrical power (230V 50Hz AC) using an external power supply line. The supply is guaranteed via an isolating transformer and therefore meets the requirements of DIN VDE 0100, Part 717 or pr HD 60364-7-717:2003.
  • Conditioning temperature inside the container at different ambient temperatures to a temperature tolerable for the staff and to a level safe for the installed equipment. The difference in cooling mode between outdoor and indoor temperature should be max. 15K, for ergonomic reasons.
Cooling capacity 5.0 kW
Electric heating Approx. 4.0 kW
Cabin supply Approx. 3.5 kVA
Ambient temperature -32°C up to +49°C
Sea level Less than 3000m above sea level
Humidity 0% to 90%

Output of the air-co module

Heating time

The temperature curve (in theory) in case of heating starting at -32° C to +5° C, about 1 hour.

Cooling time

The temperature curve in case of cooling starting at 49° C to Δ t = 15K , about 1.5 hour.

Technical Description

The condenser and the evaporator part are externally attached as a unit to the cabin. Inside the cabin there is an air distribution with an attached air guide made of textile fabric, and the control unit , i.e. the operating device.

The electrical supply is provided via the “mini”mains infeed case . An isolation transformer is not required for the power part of the air conditioning as the plant is built completely insulated.

The air conditioning system includes the following major functional modules

  • Circulation fan: with automatic addition of about 80m³/h fresh air
  • Condenser fan: to cool the condenser, controlled by the HD PRESSOSTAT
  • Compressor: refrigerant compressor with magnetic clutch, driven by electric motor
  • Electric motor (compressor ): electric drive of the compressor
  • Capacitor
  • Evaporator with condensate pan
  • 2 electric heating elements 2 kW: for electrical cabin heating