11-GS-F C3 BCWa-PATROIT1-1200x500

Project Patriot

MIM-104 Patriot (as Apronym often translated as Phased Array Tracking Radar to Intercept on Target)

is a ground-based medium-range air defense missile system against aircraft, cruise missiles and tactical medium range ballistic missiles. (source: de.wikipedia.org).

elnic built several components of this system and delivered them over the years. This project is still actively maintained by elnic.

The modules installed by elnic are

  • Mains infeed cases with lightning and NEMP protection
  • Safety isolating transformers with integrated compromising safety filters
  • AC and DC power distribution with monitoring function and connection to the fault indicating system
  • DC to AC sine wave inverters
  • AC/DC distributors
  • Encoders