Filtering and over-voltage protection

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Signal filtering module system

Modular interface modules for user-definable configurations. These modules are designed to filter digital and analogue data and signal lines into shielded rooms and cabins.

For maximum flexibility, the modules can be delivered from 8 up to 50 lines per module.

Due to high insertion loss and screen absorption they can be used for EMC and TEMPEST demands.


Line filter

A low leakage line in a compact construction 50/400 Hz according to MIL standard 285 and MIL standard 220A in an aluminium casing to be put on the ground.

Can be used for:

  • Filtering the main supply for shielded rooms
  • Filtering complex systems and computer systems
  • Tempest applications supply to EMC-protected systems

Further components

In addition to the low leakage line filter we also offer the two-wire line filter and the four-wire line filter with over-voltage protection.

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Filtering and over-voltage protection is also part of our UNIMOG competence. Read more here: